Lake Conway Drainage Plan

  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will begin to drain Lake Conway today.
  • Initially, the lake will be drained by opening only one gate. This is to prevent flooding downstream and protect nearby greentree reservoirs.
  • Without rain, lake levels are estimated to drop about 6 inches per week.
  • As trees downstream become dormant this winter, AGFC will open more gates (potentially as many as eight), which could drop the water level by more than 2 feet per week.



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How to help clean up Lake Conway

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will host the second of three shoreline cleanups at Lake Conway from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. May 16-18. According to Nick Feltz, regional fisheries supervisor at the AGFC’s Mayflower office, dumpsters will actually be available for disposal of lakebed trash May 16-19, but the AGFC will only hold organized cleanups

Aerial view of Lake Conway.

Visitor Submitted Questions (and answers!) Updated 7/13/23

We take your questions about the Lake Conway renovation and work with AGFC and/or other relevant agencies to get answers. We will continue to update this post. Link to general FAQ from Arkansas Game and Fish: Docks, Boathouses, Adjoining Property Issues Do residents with docks still have to pay permit fees when lake is